Attendance Policy:

Unattended Classes - Music Together®:  Like most educational/school programs, we cannot refund tuition or give credit for classes missed during a 10 week session (or a 6 week summer session); even if the absences have been frequent. Also, the entire orientation of the Music Together program is toward extending the class experience into the child’s life outside of the class by means of parent education and supporting materials, such as the recordings and songbooks and the Family Music Zone. Tuition includes these items and consequently is not “wasted” even if the classes are missed. In addition, we offer two (2) make-up classes per 10 week session (and now we are offering 2 per 6 week session) per child. Make-ups must also occur during the session in which you missed class. Make-ups are not transferable to another session.




Cancelations During the Session:

Teacher Absence: If a class needs to be canceled due to teacher illness or absence the session will be extended an extra week to make up the class time. You will be notified in the event of a cancellation.  

Cancellation due to Weather: We follow DPS and their cancellation policy with regard to snow closures. If we cancel due to weather, please use one of your makeups. If you've used your makeups we will be happy to extend another makeup. 


If the class for which you registered does not fill, you will be asked to move to your second choice, if that is not possible, we will either credit you for another session or refund your tuition.

We offer many opportunities for you and your family to participate in a class setting before registering; therefore we do not give tuition refunds once the session has begun.


Make-Up Procedure

We offer 2 make-up classes per session. Twinkle Together, LLC has an on-line Make-up Scheduler. Current session passwords will be provided to you. Once a make-up is scheduled, an email will be sent to you as well as the center director and the teacher of the class. If you are unable to attend your make-up, there is a “Cancellation” option using the Make-up Scheduler. Make-ups must be made during the session in which you miss; they are non-transferable to another session. For questions, speak with your center director or teacher.

Switching Classes

Sometimes families need to switch classes because of schedule changes. We are happy to accommodate under these following guidelines:

• The class in which you want to switch has space (we have guidelines to which we must adhere regarding class size).

• If you are not able to continue in your regularly scheduled class we will offer a partial credit toward an upcoming session (please note we will only offer credit through the 5th week of class - after that we cannot offer a credit)


Families currently in a session are given priority registration for the next session (excluding summer). Our priority registration period also gives current families needing to transfer an opportunity to do so. Once priority registration is over new families are allowed to register. 

Registration is not considered complete without receipt of registration form and tuition and registration fee for new families. 

We do not accept families after the second week and we do not prorate for missed classes.
Siblings 9 months and under are free with a registered older sibling at the time of registration. If you are bringing a child that is not a sibling, you must register separately and pay the full tuition, regardless of age. In the case of a nanny share, the same applies; both children must be registered separately and pay the full tuition. If the nanny has a child of her/his own, the same policy applies; the child music be registered separately and pay the full tuition even if the child is under 9 months.


Email is our primary means of communication with our families.  Please add admin@twinkletogether.com to your address book to ensure receipt of our emails.  

Classroom Etiquette

Please do not bring food or toys into the classroom. Bringing food is a potential safety hazard if another child has specific allergies. Bringing toys into the classroom is a distraction and can take away from the music making activities. We appreciate your handling of this before coming into the classroom.

We know that it is hard to get out of house sometimes; however, ritual is an important aspect of Music Together, so please try to arrive on time to class.

We encourage and ask parents to save conversations till after class as it is distracting, unmusical and sometimes rude if the teacher is trying to lead the class in an activity.

Health Policy:

Download our Health Policy

Runny Noses - It is incorrect to assume a clear runny nose is OK and green is not. The color of the runny nose does not help you determine how contagious a child is. It is more reliable to make a judgment call by the way the child is acting.
If your child has slept poorly and is acting tired and grouchy along with the runny nose, assume he is sick enough to stay home. If the runny nose is a week old and your child is acting playful and active, she is likely healthy enough to attend. If your child's nose is runny enough that the mucus is being wiped on sleeves/classroom equipment it is best to keep him at home!
Some children can have consistently runny noses of any color for weeks or months, often caused by allergies, and should not be contagious. Please check with that child's mother or your teacher if you are concerned about a child with a consistently runny nose in your class.

Coughs - A child with a frequent deep moist cough should stay home, especially if he is too young to cover his own mouth when he coughs. An occasional cough in an otherwise healthy-appearing energetic child is of no more concern than the cold that causes it.

Antibiotics - Even if your child has been put on antibiotics, this does not make their cold any less contagious. While ear infections are not contagious, the colds that lead to them are. If your child has a severe cough, fever, or is not feeling well, please stay home until she feels better.
Most viruses take at least 48 hours to incubate. Therefore if you or your child comes down with a cold or fever the day after your class, chances are you did NOT catch the virus in our Music Together class.
Germs can be airborne OR carried on clothes as well as passed through hand to hand contact. Another member in the family could bring home a germ from the office or grocery store on their hands, they may develop minimal symptoms because their adult immune system is more developed and yet they can pass this on to a child who may have more severe symptoms days later.

Fevers - Please keep your child at home until it has been over 24 hrs since her last fever without the assistance of fever reducer medicines. Your child is the most contagious during the time she is feverish.

People are often contagious 24hrs before showing any symptoms. Therefore a child who appeared perfectly healthy in class could come down with a fever two hours later and may have unwittingly exposed the class. This is unavoidable, obviously.

In summary; there is going to be exposure to germs no matter how careful anyone is or what the policies are. Any communal activity, story time at library, playgroup, new moms group, church etc. all lays us open to catching germs. Indeed, humans need to be exposed to germs to develop their immune systems.
As an important line of defense for you and your child, please wash your hands and those of your child before and after class.

If you are not sure if your child is contagious or not, please err on the side of caution and schedule a makeup and stay at home.

Snow Policy:

We know that our great Rockies weather can change suddenly.  We can have a 70 degree day and overnight it begins to snow like crazy!  Here's what we are going to do...we will follow the Denver Public School schedule, and if they call a snow day, then we won't have class and we will email you.  If you wake up and it has been snowing and DPS hasn't called a snow day, but you still don't feel like you should be out in the snow, then we encourage you to use your best judgement. 

Due to the scheduling of our sessions, we are unable to extend the session for classes canceled due to inclement weather.  Please use one of the two makeups we give you during a 10-week session; if you have used your makeups for the session we are happy to extend another makeup to you.